We understand that having surgery is a big decision and we want our patients to be fully briefed on the details of surgery and have the assurance that they are in safe hands. We therefore place great importance on our consultation process and patient care.

Throughout the consultation, surgery and aftercare process, you will be seen by Lisa Sacks personally as we believe that our relationship with you is paramount. We offer at least two consultations before any major surgery is performed; you have access to before and after photographs of our past patients and the opportunity to speak to them in your own time.┬áPatient satisfaction is our principle consideration and we therefore follow up our cosmetic surgery patients for five years post surgery – all free of charge. We enjoy a high level of loyalty from our patients and a significant number of our patients come to us on recommendation.

We perform a number of procedures and would be happy to discuss them in greater detail with you. For our more popular surgeries, please follow the in-depth pages on the right of this page.

Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck

This procedure is where excess skin and fat around the abdomen is removed surgically. In most cases it includes the closure of your abdominal muscles that might have become herniated from pregnancy and weight-gain, allowing for a more aesthetic result and in some cases, the alleviation of back pain.

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Reduction Mammoplasty or Breast Reduction

The surgical removal of excess weight from your breasts. This procedure is performed with a vertical scar (also called the lollipop-scar) and elevates the nipples at the same time as reducing the size of your breasts. This procedure can also symmetrise differently sized breasts.

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Mastopexy or Breast uplift

This procedure is for women who want to reposition their nipples and change the shape of their breasts, without changing the size of their breasts. Scarring is minimised by using the vertical scar technique, ensuring a pert shape for longer.

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Breast Augmentation or Breast Enlargement

This surgery is for women who want bigger breasts, by using an implant. You have the option of different shapes and size increases depending on your requirements and lifestyle.

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Rhinoplasty or Nose Re-shaping

Rhinoplasty surgery alters the shape and size of your nose. In addition to improved aesthetics, this surgery also often improves breathing problems.

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Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty surgery can be performed on the upper eyelids, lower eyelids or both. Excess skin, muscle and fat is removed as relevant to create a more youthful and refreshed appearance of the eyes.

Skin Lesions and Scar Revisions

We perform the removal of skin lesions for cosmetic and medical reasons. This normally involves a surgical outpatient appointment under local anaesthetic. Lesions are normally sent away for histology. We also offer scar revision surgery, either from previous surgery or from accidents. Scar revision surgery is unique to every patient.

Labia Plasty

This surgery removes excess in the labia minora and involves surgery under general anaesthetic with one week of bed rest.

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