Augmentation Mammoplasty Breast Enlargement

Post Care

Getting Back to Normal

You should be able to return to work within a couple of weeks, depending on the level of activity required for your job.

Follow our advice on when to begin exercises and normal activities. Your breasts will probably be sensitive to direct stimulation after surgery. This usually settles down after three to four weeks.

Your scars will be firm and pink for at least six weeks. Then they may remain the same size for several months, or even appear to widen. After several months, your scars will begin to fade, although they will never disappear completely.

Your New Look

For many women, the result of breast augmentation can be satisfying, even exhilarating, as they learn to appreciate their fuller appearance.

Regular examination by your plastic surgeon and routine mammograms for those in the appropriate age groups at prescribed intervals will help assure that any complications, if they occur, can be detected early and treated.

Your decision to have breast augmentation is a highly personal one that not everyone will understand. The important thing is how you feel about it.