Post Care

What are the Risks?

With any operation there is a risk of bleeding and infection. Precautions to avoid these problems should be taken. Your blood pressure will need to be controlled and all medications that may thin the blood will need to be stopped. You will be given antibiotics at the time of the operation to prevent infection. Once discharged, you will need to be sure to wash your hands regularly and not to touch your nose without washing your hands. There may be a slight dripping of clear fluid from your nose after a rhinoplasty, which usually stops after a few days. This occurs if your nasal bones have been broken and reset during the operation, and a hairline crack extends upwards to the skull, allowing a little cerebrospinal fluid to leak. This needs to be wiped with clean hands with a clean piece of gauze or hanky.

Recovery is not quick, as the swelling subsides slowly. The final result is only seen after one year. If you are unhappy with the result, you need to be patient and wait a full year before any touch up can be performed. It takes a year for all the scar tissue to settle down and heal. Re-operating before then is not a good idea and can compromise the outcome.