Rhinoplasty Nose Re-shaping

Who are the Best Candidates?

Who benefits the Most?

The best candidate for surgery is the patient with realistic expectations. You need to be made aware of the limitations of this procedure. It is not possible to replicate a celebrity’s nose, as this may not be at all suitable to one’s facial proportions. Ethnic characteristics must not be eradicated as this may result in an unnatural look affecting satisfaction with the result.

A rhinoplasty is often done to correct problems after a broken nose or simply because someone doesn’t like the shape of their nose. If your nose is crooked or has a big bump on it or you have breathing difficulties, it is likely that you have broken your nose at some stage in your life. A previously broken nose makes the surgery slightly more difficult, but also more interesting and challenging.

Your nose needs to have stopped growing before you can have this operation. Noses tend to grow quite a lot during puberty. Any surgery before the nose has stopped growing, might need to be redone, as the nose may continue to grow afterwards.