Lisa Sacks has been making sculptures since she was 13 years old. She has been keenly observing the human form most of her life and chose to find beauty herein rather than depict other genres. Her work has remained figurative throughout, never compromising on her desire to demonstrate the beauty of the human form in all its intricacies.

“By day, I attend to people seeking to improve their appearance and increase their confidence by seeking surgery to improve on what nature has given them. Out of hours, I sculpt the human form in all its beauty and intricacies revealed in a perfect union of form and function.


I find no subject more beautiful than the human form, and have been occupied with this genre for most of my career. The face, the torso and the hands convey an infinite array of emotions and nuances, most delicately captured by the immediacy of working in moist clay. The realistic quality I try to capture is enhanced by working from live models.

I have an intimate knowledge of human anatomy acquired from keen visual perception, medical studies, anatomical dissection and performing operations as a plastic surgeon. ¬†For me, achieving a good physical likeness is inadequate unless a sculpture looks alive and is imbued with expression.”

Watch a short video clip of my new sculpture

Finishing the sculpture



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